Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses-1973 by Kurt Niedenzu

By Kurt Niedenzu

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R . K . Sharma and E . D. M a r t i n e z , J . CHEM. , CHEM. , 1129 (1972). R . K . Sharma and N. H Fellers, J . ORGANOMETAL. , S, C 6 9 (1973)S . U e m u r a , K. Sohma, H . Tara and M. O k a n o , CHEM. L E T T . , . 545 (1973). Pasynkiewicz, R . G i e z y n s k i and S. D z i e r z g o w s k i , ORGANOMEZ'AL. , 5 4 , 203 (1973). O u h a d i , A . J . H u b e r t , P. T e y s s i e and E . G . D e r o u a n e , AMER. CHEM. S O C . , 6481 (1973). K . Dymock, G . J . P a l e n i k and A . J . C a r t y , J .

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