Ancient Rome: From Romulus and Remus to the Visigoth by Kathleen Kuiper

By Kathleen Kuiper

Echoes of old Roman techniques of governance, legislation, and society nonetheless ring in the course of the global this day. A stranger to neither conflict nor wealth, old Rome was once formed as a lot by means of strife because it was once via prosperity. the growth of the Roman Empire was once buoyed by way of this cultures tendency to embody traditions of its newly assimilated peoples, making Rome a cradle of unending and enduring percentages. The historical past of a good empire is acknowledged during this sweeping quantity.

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Rome next fought a long and difficult war against Veii, an important Etruscan city not far from Fidenae. Later Roman historians portrayed the war as having lasted 10 years (406–396 BC), Rome from its Origins to 264 BC | 35 patterning it after the mythical Trojan War of the Greeks. After its conquest, Veii’s tutelary goddess, Queen Juno, was solemnly summoned to Rome. The city’s territory was annexed, increasing Roman territory by 84 percent and forming four new rustic tribes. During the wars against Fidenae and Veii, Rome increased the number of military tribunes with consular power from three to four and then from four to six.

He was met there by a combined levy of Carthage and King Syphax of Numidia and for a time was penned to the shore near Utica. But in the spring he extricated himself by a surprise attack on the enemy’s camp, which resulted in the total loss of the allied force by sword or fire. 7 km) from Utica, their ally Syphax was captured, and the renegade Masinissa was reinstated in the kingdom from which Syphax had recently expelled him. These disasters induced the Carthaginians to sue for peace; but before the moderate terms that Scipio offered could be definitely accepted, a sudden reversal of opinion caused them to recall Hannibal’s army for a final trial of war and to break off negotiations.

Yet, before Roman strength increased further, a marauding Gallic tribe swept down from the Po River valley, raided Etruria, and descended upon Rome. The Romans were defeated in the battle of the Allia River in 390 BC, and the Gauls captured and sacked the city. They departed only after they had received ransom in gold. Henceforth the Romans greatly feared and respected the potential strength of the Gauls. Later Roman historians, however, told patriotic tales about the commanders Marcus Manlius and Marcus Furius Camillus in order to mitigate the humiliation of the defeat.

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