Advances in database programing languages by Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

By Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

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Once the script was executed, both services stopped. How it works... In this recipe, we picked two services—SQLBrowser and ReportServer—that we want to manipulate and saved them into an array: $services = @("SQLBrowser","ReportServer") We then pipe the array contents to a Foreach-Object cmdlet, so we can determine what action to perform for each service. For our purposes, if the service is stopped, we want to start it. Otherwise, we stop it. Name } } You may also want to determine dependent services, or services that rely on a particular service.

In this case, we want to remove this leading backslash. UserName -replace("\\","") Once we have the login, we can pass it to the set_Login method. Password) Should you want to hardcode the username and just prompt for the password, you can also do this: $login="belle" #prompt $credentials = Get-Credential –Credential $login In the script, you will also notice we are using Write-Verbose instead of Write-Host to display our results. This is because we want to be able to control the output without needing to always go back to our script and remove all the Write-Host commands.

WMI is Microsoft's framework for listing, setting, and configuring any Microsoft-related resource. This framework follows Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM). Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. org/standards/wbem): a set of management and internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of distributed computing environments. WBEM provides the ability for the industry to deliver a well-integrated set of standard-based management tools, facilitating the exchange of data across otherwise disparate technologies and platforms.

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