A Reanalysis of the Original Test Data for the Taylor by Morton Gertler

By Morton Gertler

This ebook provides the result of the reanalysis of the Taylor ordinary sequence information, given in a kind which employs a very non-dimensional illustration. the main geometrical parameters used are beam-draft ratio, longitudinal prismatic coefficient, volumetric coefficient, and wetted-surface coefficient, the latter being redefinitions of Taylor’s displacement-length ratio and wetted-surface coefficient. The faired resistance info is given as curves of residual-resistance coefficient as opposed to Froude quantity. The Schoenherr frictional-resistance coefficient is a functionality of Reynolds quantity, in order that repayment for modifications in basin water temperature might be made through the use of the suitable kinematic viscosity within the computation of Reynolds quantity.

The scope of the sequence has been enlarged to incorporate a 3rd beam-draft ratio of 3.00 as well as the beam-draft ratios of 2.25 and 3.75 released in Taylor’s “Speed and tool of Ships”. those values have been got through interpolation, utilizing the transformed facts for the hitherto unpublished sequence 20 which had a beam-draft ratio of 2.92.

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S. Experimental Model Basin does not have a rectangular c r o s s section, the c h a r a c t e r i s t i c depth d. which w a s used in the calculations w a s taken as the p e r pendicular distance f r o m the centerline of the basin a t the water surface to the n e a r e s t side of the basin. 0 feet. 27 It should be mentioned that the r e s t r i c t e d channel c o r rections which' were applied to the Taylor Series data were generally found t o be quite small. The l a r g e s t correction amounted to a d e c r e a s e of approximately 2 percent of the predicted effective horsepower for a geometrically s i m i l a r 400-foot v e s s e l operating in salt water at a t e m p e r a t u r e of 59F.

The resulting faired contours a r e exemplified by F i g u r e 17. These contours showed a p r o g r e s s i v e i n c r e a s e of C, with Cv and were i n m o s t c a s e s very nearly linear. The s e t s of contours showing the v a r i a tion of C r with C, w e r e then c r o s s - f a i r e d with the sets of contours showing the variation of C, with Cp. This w a s accomplished by making minor adjustments i n each of the s e t s until f a i r e d c u r v e s were obtained which satisfied the condition that each point on the Cr v e r s u s c, contours was equal to the corresponding point on the C r v e r s u s 4.

92 used on the original models. This was done to provide a n even value f o r interpolation purposes in the final p r e s e ntati on. o It would be of i n t e r e s t t o compare the r e s u l t s obtained f r o m the r e a n a l y s i s of the original Taylor S e r i e s data with modern t e s t r e s u l t s of Taylor S e r i e s models. The ~ r e s i d u a l - r e s i s t a n c e coefficients f o r these models a r e compared in F i g u r e 18 with the values interpolated f r o m Appendices 3 and 4.

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