A Guide to Poisonous House and Garden Plants by Anthony Knight

By Anthony Knight

This name is a superb source to assist indentify toxic vegetation in the house and backyard and includes the most up-tp-date information regarding plant toxicity in canine and cats. This crucial reference permits veterinarians not to in simple terms establish toxic crops, but in addition comprises the poisonous houses of the plant and the scientific indicators that may be anticipated in animals that ingest the vegetation. This instrumental consultant comprises special discussions at the plant pollution, the plant elements which are most threatening and the 1st relief that are supposed to be thought of. The identify contains 192 family and unique plant species, with an emphasis on crops in general present in and round the domestic. This person pleasant advisor is equipped alphabetically via the plant’s botanical identify, whereas the index comprises universal names indexed to assist locate the explicit plant in query. The 350 prime quality colour pictures additionally support the practitioner in exact plant identity. The hugely visible, simply available structure make this identify a terrific toxically reference for small animal practitioners.

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1 and Fig. 2). Figure 1. Abrus seeds. Figure 2. Abrus vine and seed pod. Toxic Principle and Mechanism of Action Only the seeds of the rosary pea are toxic as they contain potent lectins (toxalbumins) called abrin I and II that are toxic to all animals including humans. Abrin is very similar to ricin, the lectin found in castor beans, and consists of 2 polypeptide chains (A and B), crosslinked by a disulfide bond that is a potent ribosomal inhibitor [1,2]. The B chain binds to carbohydrate receptors on cell surfaces, facilitating the entry of the A chain into the cell where it inhibits initiation and elongation of peptides within ribosomes.

Autumn crocus Colchicine Convallaria majalis Lily of the valley Cardenolides Crassula spp. Jade plant Cardenolides Cryptostegia spp. Rubber vine Cardenolides Cyclamen spp. Cyclamen Terpenoid saponins Datura spp. Sacred datura, Jimson weed Tropane alkaloids Digitalis spp. Fox glove Digitalis glycosides Eucharis spp. Eucharist lily Phenanthridine alkaloids Euonymus spp. Burning bush Cardenolides, alkaloids Euonymus spp. Euonymus Cardenolides (evonoside) Eupatorium spp. White snake root Tremetol (ketone benzofuran) Gloriosa superba Glory lily Colchicine Helleborus spp.

Villous - Covered with short, fine hairs. Viscid - Sticky. W Whorled - Three or more leaves, petals, or branches arranged in a ring at a node. Wing - A thin, membranous extension of an organ. A Abrus precatorius Family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) Common Names Rosary or prayer pea, crab's eye, black-eyed Susan, coral bead plant, gidee-gidee, Indian bead guinea pea, jequirity bean, love pea, lucky bean, jumbee beads, peonia, pukiawe-lei, Seminole bead, wild licorice, or licorice vine. Plant Description Originating in India, Abrus has become widely distributed in tropical areas including Florida, Carribean, and the Hawaii islands.

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